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Although there has been a large fall in the number of adults who smoke in the UK, around 15.8% of the adult population are still regular smokers. Quitting smoking can be a daunting task, but thankfully there are a number of different quitting aids that you can use to help you.

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  • Nicorette Gum pillhub

    Nicorette Gum

    A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking  

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  • Nicorette Inhalator pillhub

    Nicorette Inhalator

    A clinically proven nicotine replacement aid

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  • Nicorette Invisipatch Pillhub

    Nicorette InvisiPatch

    A once-a-day way to help control nicotine cravings

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  • Quickmist pillhub

    Nicorette Quickmist

    Fast acting mouthspray to help overcome the urge to smoke

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Why should you quit smoking?

Smoking has a number of dangerous health repercussions, with smoking tobacco containing over 70 substances that are known to cause cancer. There are also a number of health conditions that can be worsened by smoking, for example, respiratory conditions such as asthma. Smoking can also affect those around you – for example, when a parent smokes, their child is at a higher risk of developing a smoking habit later on in life. In summary, quitting smoking improves the health of both yourself and those around you.

When preparing to quit smoking, you must make yourself aware of the obstacles you will face. You are likely to face withdrawal symptoms which can include increased appetite, irritability, depression, restlessness, poor concentration, light-headedness, disturbed sleep, and nicotine cravings. However, some of these can be eased by quitting aids – especially nicotine cravings. You should also prepare a regime to follow – planning supplementary activities that can help to distract you from cravings and keep your mind and body active. You should also seek the advice of a healthcare professional to help you understand the quitting process and access potential help.