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Threadworms (or pinworms) are small parasitic worms that infect the large intestines.

Threadworms are one of the most common worm infections in the UK, especially in children. These worms look like small pieces of white thread which can be found in the stool of an affected person.

A threadworm infection can typically be treated with over-the-counter medication with great success.

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What causes threadworms?

Threadworms are passed to you or your child when the eggs are swallowed. Threadworms lay their eggs around a person’s bottom at night. These eggs are accompanied by a sticky mucus which causes itchiness. Eggs can then get stuck in the fingernails if a person scratches the affected area, causing the eggs to be swallowed. These eggs will then hatch in the intestines and an outbreak will continue until treated.

While many show no symptoms, others often experience itchiness around the bottom or vagina. This is often worst at night and can affect sleep. In the most severe cases, threadworms can cause loss of appetite and weight loss, difficulty sleeping, and bedwetting.

Threadworms are contagious. An infected person who scratches an affected area can spread eggs to anything they touch (e.g. clothes, food). If another person touches these objects and then their mouth, they are likely to become infected. Promoting good hygiene to your children, especially washing hands after the toilet and before eating can help prevent infection.

It is important to follow strict hygiene measures, including:

• bathe or shower every morning
• wash hands often, including scrubbing under the fingernails – particularly before eating, after using the toilet or changing nappies
• bathe or shower every morning
• rinse toothbrushes before using them
• clean using disinfectant, vacuum, and dust often
• ensure children wear underwear at night and change it in the morning
• wash all clothes, bedding, and toys which have come into contact with infected individuals at a high temperature

Following these guidelines should help eliminate the infection and reduce the likelihood of re-infection.

If one person in a household becomes infected with threadworms, then it is recommended that all members of that household receive treatment. Ovex tablets or Ovex suspension are effective over-the-counter treatments for threadworms.