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  • Viagra Connect for erectile dysfunction

    Viagra Connect

    Viagra Connect is an effective over the counter treatment for erection problem in adult men.

    From: £12.95 From £12.95 
  • Durex Extended pleasure condoms

    Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms 12 Pack

    Designed to extend your pleasure.

  • Durex Extra Safe 6 Pack

    Durex Extra Safe Condoms 6 Pack

    Designed to offer you maximum protection.

  • Durex Thin 6 Pack Condoms

    Durex Thin Feel Condoms 6 Pack

    Designed for a deep connection and an intimate contact.

  • Nicorette Gum pillhub

    Nicorette Gum

    A fresh-tasting way to stop smoking  

    From: £8.99 From £8.99 
  • Nicorette Inhalator pillhub

    Nicorette Inhalator

    A clinically proven nicotine replacement aid

    From: £7.99 From £7.99 
  • Nicorette Invisipatch Pillhub

    Nicorette InvisiPatch

    A once-a-day way to help control nicotine cravings

    From: £17.00 From £17.00 
  • Quickmist pillhub

    Nicorette Quickmist

    Fast acting mouthspray to help overcome the urge to smoke

    From: £20.00 From £20.00 
  • Nurofen Express 400mg Liquid Capsules

    Nurofen Express 400mg Liquid Capsules

    Liquid capsules for fast relieve of period pain.

    From: £7.50 From £7.50 

Showing 1–9 of 34 results