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Cystitis – the most common form of urinary tract infection – is an inflammation of the bladder usually caused by bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract (the digestive pathway through the body). It is more common in women than in men, with an estimated 4 million women in Britain suffering from cystitis every year. In mild cases, it can resolve itself in a matter of a few days. However, if you are experiencing cystitis frequently or for longer periods of time, rest assured that there are medications that can be prescribed to help ease the symptoms and encourage recovery.

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What are the symptoms of cystitis?

The signs and symptoms of cystitis are quite easily recognisable and identifiable – you will usually experience the following:

• Pain, a burning sensation, or stinging when you pass urine
• Needing to pass urine more frequently and more urgently than you would usually
• Urine that is dark or cloudy, and potentially strong smelling
• Pain in the lower tummy area
• General feelings of unwellness, sickness, aches, and tiredness.

Symptoms may present differently in younger children. They are likely to feel pain in their tummy, need to urinate more often and more urgently, have a high temperature, feel week or irritable, and potentially have a reduced appetite or vomiting.

There are certain methods you can use to lessen the discomfort caused by cystitis. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen, stay hydrated, and hold a hot water bottle between your thighs or on the stomach to help ease irritation. Try to avoid having sex while you are recovering from cystitis. Clean the area around the genitals gently with soft, skin-sensitive soap, and ensure that when you go to the toilet you wipe from front to back to keep the affected area as clean as possible.

If your cystitis has not improved within a 3 day period, you should see a healthcare professional. You should also seek the help of a professional if you suffer from cystitis frequently, have more severe symptoms such as blood in your urine, fever, or additional pain, or if you are unsure as to whether you have cystitis or not. You should also contact a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, a man, or if your child has symptoms.

Cystitis is a treatable condition, and you can be prescribed medications to reduce the acidity of urine to ease discomfort and irritation and make the bladder a less habitable place for the bacteria that cause the condition.

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