Nicorette InvisiPatch

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  • Stops nicotine craving
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What is Nicorette Invisipatch?

Nicorette Invisipatch is used to help manage nicotine withdrawal when you are quitting or cutting down on smoking through nicotine replacement. When you apply a Nicorette patch, nicotine is released, passing through your skin into the body.

How should a Nicorette Invisipatch be used? 

Make sure that you wash your hands before applying a Nicorette patch. Cut open the sachet and peel away one part of the aluminium backing. Avoid touching the sticky part of the patch. Apply the sticky part of the patch to either the front of your chest, the upper arm, or the hip, and peel off the remaining half of the aluminium backing. Firmly press the patch onto the skin and ensure that it is stuck properly.

The patch is not intended to be worn for more than 16 hours or wear at night. Do not use more than one patch at a time. You should start using the patch at a 25mg dose for 8 weeks, gradually reduce to a 15mg for two weeks, then a 10mg dose for another 2 weeks before ending the treatment.

Is Nicorette Invisipatch suitable for me?

Nicorette patches should only be used by those over the age of 12 who are trying to quit smoking.


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