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About Us

Company Information

This website is operated by Pillhub Ltd in partnbership with Caregrange Pharmacy

Pillhub Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 12236433.

VAT Number: 344699851

Pharmacy Address:
Caregrange Pharmacy
9 Goldhawk Road
Middlesex W12 8QQ

020 8064 1815

Pharmacy Regulation

Caregrange pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council with number 1041507.

The superintendent pharmacist for Caregrange Pharmacy is:
Ahmed Alani (Registration Number 2074510)

All our Pharmacist Prescribers are UK Registered:

  • Ahmed Alani (Registration Number 2074510)
  • Ahmed Al-Nagar (Registration Number 2074012)

For more information or to view registration details visit the General Pharmaceutical Council’s website.

Responsible Pharmacist:

  • Ahmed Alani (Registration Number 2074510)

Our Team

What makes us different?

Pillhub operates from within an established NHS community pharmacy to provide pharmacy services to the public. Our high street presence makes us unique and different to other online pharmacies, as they operate under a distance-selling licence, which means they trade from a warehouse or an office.

Pillhub operates from Caregrange Pharmacy, which is a community pharmacy based in London and holds an NHS licence. Our pharmacists have many years of training and are experienced to provide high quality of care and ongoing support.

Who are we?

We are a group of experienced NHS pharmacists who share the same mission and values. We have a broad range of experience working in multiple healthcare settings, community and hospital pharmacy. Although, our experiences may vary slightly, our passion for healthcare and helping people remains the same.

Our vision

Pillhub was created by NHS professionals looking to make a difference to patient care. In our experience as pharmacist working in multiple healthcare settings, we seen the difficulty of accessing medicinal treatment and the long delays associated if you wanted to see your GP. We have created this platform to provide easy access to simple treatments without any delays. Our mission is to make healthcare easy and accessible to everyone.