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More than 8.5 million people across the UK suffer from migraines, so do not feel alone in your struggles if you experience migraines. While they can cause significant discomfort and distress, migraine headaches are treatable with migraine-specific medications and painkillers.

Regardless of the type of migraine you have, several Migraine Tablets are available that can help you manage your symptoms and, in some cases, make them less frequent and severe. You can buy Migraine medication right off the shelf at the store.

At Pillhub, all of the treatments that we recommend have been approved by the MRHA (Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) so you can rest assured that they are safe and effective.

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  • Imigran tablets for Migraine


    Imigran contains sumatriptan for the effective relief of migraine attacks

    From: £29.95 From £29.95 
  • Sumatriptan 100mg tablets


    First line effective treatment for Migraine

    From: £13.95 From £13.95 
  • Imigran 10mg Nasal spray

    Imigran Nasal Spray

    Imigrane nasal spray is an effective treatment for migraine attacks

    From: £35.00 From £35.00 
  • Maxalt Tablets

    Maxalt 10mg

    Maxalt contains the active ingredient rizatriptan effective in treating migraine attacks.

    From: £27.95 From £27.95 
  • Rizatriptan Pillhub

    Rizatriptan 10mg tablets

    Rizatriptan is a licensed treatment for migraine attacks

    From: £10.95 From £10.95 
  • 4head quick strips for migraine

    4Head Quickstrips

    Fast, dual action relief for whenever a migraine or severe headache strike.

  • Zolmitriptan 2.5mg tablets


    Zolmitriptan is a medication used to help ease the symptoms of a migraine attack

    From: £27.95 From £27.95 
  • Zomig 2.5 mg tablets

    Zomig 2.5mg tablets

    Zomig contains zolmitriptan as the active ingredient which is effective in treating migraines

    From: £33.95 From £33.95 

Showing all 8 results

What is Migraine ?

Migraine is a common headache disorder usually felt as a throbbing pain on one side of the head. It is usually characterised by attacks of moderate to severe headache.

Migraine main symptom includes throbbing or pulsating headache on one side of the head.
Additional symptoms include:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Increased sensitivity to light and sound
• Sweating
• Poor concentration
• Feeling cold or hot
• Abdominal pain
• Diarrhoea
The symptoms may vary from one individual to another and some may experience the additional symptoms without the headache. Also, migraine symptoms can last between 4 hours to 3 days.

It is not yet known what the precise triggers are for migraines, but it is generally accepted that the symptoms are induced by a widening of the blood vessels in the head. There are a number of medications that target this widening of the blood vessels when treating migraines. Some people find that particular feelings (such as stress or anxiety), foods (such as alcohol), or medications can cause a migraine attack. Others struggle to find a pattern. However, regardless of the cause of a migraine attack, the treatment is usually the same.

Migraine headaches are different from your usual everyday headache – while headaches are usually only associated with a dull pain in certain areas of the head, migraines are characterised by further symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and a severe throbbing pain either at the front or side of the head.