Day 2 PCR Test


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  • Genuine Medicine Approved by MHRA
  • Regulated NHS & Online Pharmacy
  • Free Delivery for orders above £30
  • Free Private Prescription included


Place a separate order for each traveller as only one booking reference number is provided per order. 

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a PCR self-swab test kit.
  2. Booking reference number will be emailed to you.
  3. Kits will be delivered to your home address along with an email for kit activation and pin number.

What do you need to do?

  1. Order and book your home testing kit well in advance (ideally 5 days before ).
  2. Complete your passenger locator form within 48 hours prior to returning to England.
  3. Follow the instructions included in pack to take your test(s) and return to the lab.
  4. Once your sample arrives at the laboratory, you will get the results within 24-36 hours.

Kit Activation


To activated your test kit you will need the kit barcode (found on outside label). Click here to activate

The turnaround time for the results is from when the samples arrive to the laboratory. 


Pillhub operates a strict no refund or return policy. For health and safety reasons, dispatched kits for self-test that are unused will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. Testing kits will be issued with a unique reference number and registered as part of the government testing programme. Therefore, once purchased, the COVID-19 testing kits are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Returning your PCR Sample

  • Royal Mail Tracked

If your home test kit includes free Royal Mail Tracked 24 return labels then send your sample via Royal Mail Priority Post-box (Monday to Friday). You can find your nearest Priority box here. It is Important to make a note of the tracking number that is found on the returns label.

  • Organise your own private courier

You can use a private courier service to return COVID-19 samples. We strongly recommend this option if you’re returning the package over the weekend. Royal Mail Services sometime can be overwhelmed with the amount of deliveries and samples can be lost or delayed. The private courier provider will collect the sample from your home address and deliver directly to the lab.


Pillhub does not accept any liability for delayed results due to late or lost samples. It is your responsibilities to take the swab sample correctly and complete the kit registration process as described above. Pillhub does not conduct onsite testing for COVID-19 samples.

What I do if I don’t get my results ?

Track your parcel via Royal Mail tracking to ensure that the sample has reached the lab. (tracking reference number is found on outer package label). Contact the laboratory directly to trace your sample, if you’re unable to get through please contact us to assist you.

More information

What is a COVID-19 PCR test?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction which is a swab test used to detect specific genetic material form a specific organism, such as a virus. PCR test is the most accurate and reliable form of testing for COVID-19 virus.

How does a COVID-19 PCR testing is conducted?

A soft tip swab is used to collect respiratory material found in your throat and nose. This will then be placed in a tube which contains preservatives to maintain the sample in a condition suitable for testing in the laboratory.

How to perform Self-Swabbing?

Take the throat sample first:

Stand in front of a mirror. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out. Take the swab and place the soft tip of the swab in the back of your throat. Rub the swab on the right side of your throat 5 times. Repeat the same thing on the left side 5 times. If this is done properly you will gag.

Take the nose sample:

Take the same swab out of your mouth and place the soft tip inside one of your nostrils. Insert it until you feel resistance. Once inside rotate 5 times. Then transfer the swab to the other nostril and again wipe around the inside of your nose 5 times. This may bring some tears to your eyes.

Once you have taken the swab, unscrew the cap off the tube containing the liquid. Make sure you keep it upright because it contains preservative fluid. Place the soft tip of the swab into the tube. Snap off the swab end at the breaking-point then screw the cap back on. It is important to place the swab in the tube that contains the liquid.

For the most up to date information about travel restrictions and rules please visit the government website- click here 

Returning to UK from Red Zone

  1. Take COVID-19 test (Children 10 or under do not need to do this) This is to proof that you have a negative result before travelling to England.
  2. Book Quarantine hotel package
  3. Complete a passenger locator form.

Returning to UK from Amber Zone

  1. Take COVID-19 test (Children 10 or under do not need to do this).
  2. Book and pay for COVID-19 test to release (Day 2 & 8).
  3. Complete a passenger locator form.
If you are fully vaccinated:

You only need to take COVID-19 test on or before day 2 of arrival in England.

If you are not vaccinated:

You must quarantine at home for 10 days and take a test on or before day 2 and day 8.

Returning to UK from Green Zone

  1. Take COVID-19 test (Children 10 or under do not need to do this)
  2. Book and pay for COVID-19 test to release (Day 2 & 8)
  3. Complete a passenger locator form.

Regardless of your vaccination status, when returning from a green zone country you do not need to quarantine but you must take COVID-19 test on or before day 2 after you arrive.

Do children need to take day 2 and day 8 tests?

  • Children 4 years and under don’t have to take any COVID-19 travel tests.
  • Children 5-10 years don’t need to to pre-travel PCR test but need to take day 2 test
  • Children 11-17 years required to take COVID-19 pre-departure test before arriving in England and take day 2 test on or before day 2 in England.