Cura-Heat Period Pain – 3 patches


  • Long lasting. Up to 12 Hours pain relief
  • Thin and Discreet
  • Non-medicinal and Ready to use
  • Can be used with medicine

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  • Genuine Medicine Approved by MHRA
  • Regulated NHS & Online Pharmacy
  • Free Delivery for orders above £30
  • Free Private Prescription included


What are Cura-heat pain relief patches?

Cura-heat pain relief patches are adhesive heat patches that can be applied to the abdominal area to help ease period pains.

How do Cura-heat pain relief patches work?

Applying heat is a common method of helping to relieve period pains. It helps to relax the muscle tension that causes cramps, and can also help increase blood circulation, reducing swelling.

How should Cura-heat patches be used?

Cura-heat patches should be applied to the clothing over the abdomen, not applied directly to the skin. It gradually warms up, reaching its maximum heat within approximately 30 minutes. Open the sachet by hand and peel away the paper covering the adhesive. Then apply to the affected area.

Are Cura-heat patches suitable for me?

Cura-heat patches are suitable for anyone suffering from period pains. They are applied to the clothing covering the area of pain meaning that they will not make contact with the skin.