Compeed Cold Sore – 15 Patches


  • Clinically proven to provide 7 benefits
  • Instantly soothes itching and burning
  • Heals fast and conceals
  • Reduces scabbing
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  • Free Private Prescription included


What are Compeed Cold Sore Patches and how do they work?

Compeed Cold sore Patches help cover up blisters and prevent any further spread of the virus. These patches are available without a prescription and contain a gel which helps ease pain, speeds up the healing time, and reduces scabbing.

How do I use Compeed Cold Sore patches?

Please follow the instructions provided in the Compeed Cold sore Patches packaging. Always ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying patches, and do not apply cream before a patch as this may reduce its ability to stick to your lip. These patches are suitable for both adults and children and can last for up to 12 hours.

How effective are Compeed Cold Sore Patches?

Compeed patches are clinically proven to work just as well as any cold sore cream containing 5% acyclovir. It is clinically proven to provide 7 benefits:

  1. Heals fast
  2. Instantly hides
  3. Relieves pain
  4. Reduces tingling, itching & burning
  5. Reduces redness, swelling & blistering
  6. Significantly reduces scabbing & crusting
  7. Reduces risk of contamination from the wound

Do Compeed Cold Sore Patches stop the spread of cold sores?

There is no cure for cold sores, however, Compeed patches help prevent the spread of cold sores and reduces healing time. Cold sores remain contagious until they have fully healed and disappeared. Avoid touching your cold sores, always wash your hands, and do not share items with others that come in contact with your mouth (e.g. eating and drinking utensils, towels, lip care products).

Side effects

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Side effects are very uncommon for this medication, however, can include temporary stinging.

More information

For more information, please refer to the product patient information leaflet.